Water Testing for Private Water Supplies

UKAS accredited water analysis

When specifying equipment to treat water from any source it is always recommended to fully understand the mineral and bacteriological make up of the supply.

Springbore can carry out water sampling for UKAS accredited laboratory analysis. The results of the analysis along with how the water is being transferred to any points of use enables us to design a bespoke system tailored to your very needs. This may be a full new system from a new borehole or spring water catchment, upgrading an existing system or for checking the quality of a treated water supply before a property purchase.

The mineral analysis also allows calculations to be made on the resulting mineral content after treatment, for example the sodium transfer in ion exchange. If these are not accounted for it can result in a treated water falling outside the recommended standard.

The laboratory analysis is not a free service, but this is a very worthwhile investment to achieve a safe and clean water supply. The results of the analysis usually arrive back within 10 days.

A UKAS accredited laboratory water analysis with 30+ mineral and bacteriological tests costs as little as £180.00 plus VAT. The analysis results are usually available within 10-14 days.


Water Filtration Installations and Maintenance

On site testing

All Springbore engineers carry a comprehensive Palintest comparator water testing kit. This kit enables the engineer to carry out tests when servicing equipment, identifying how the filtration is performing and quickly highlight any equipment that needs attention.

The tests are carried out on each service and maintenance visit and incur no additional charge. We test the untreated and treated water before any parameters are changed. After the service the treated water is tested once again to ensure the work has been successful.

A non-exhaustive list of the most common tests that we can carry out.

• pH – Range 4 – 11 in increments of 0.2
• Iron – Low Range 0μg/l – 1000μg/l and High Range 1mg/l – >10mg/l
• Manganese – 0μg/l – >300μg/l
• Aluminium – 0μg/l – 500μg/l
• Total hardness – 0mg/l – >500mg/l


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