pH Correction for corrosive acidic water (ph <7.0)

Signs of the problem – Pin hole leaks on metal pipes, blue/green staining from the corrosion of copper pipes, brown staining from the corrosion of iron pipes, bitter or metallic tasting water. The corrosion of copper pipe can lead to levels of copper in the drinking water that exceed health guidelines.

Solution. Install a pH correction filter. The correct type of pH correction unit will need to be specified based on the feed water quality, water flow rates and water demand. Most commonly a backwashing filter vessel is used but a in/out upflow vessel is also an option if site conditions allow. There are several pH elevation medias available which are calcium and magnesium based. Depending on the level of pH elevation required, they can be used alone or as a mixture of 2 medias.

Commonly used pH elevation medias include Juraperle, Corrosex, pHlocrite and Calcite.